Quality packaging range like no other.

Pallet Boxes - We stock a variety of heavy duty pallet boxes in a range of material strengths to suit various applications.

Display Boxes - We supply a large range of point of sale packs and retail ready display units.  We offer innovative design solutions to suit individual customer requirements and if we cannot supply a pack from stock, we will design a bespoke pack to suit customer needs.

Corner Boards - Provides added strength for cardboard packaging to fully ensure the stability of the containment. We have 3 different strength grades to suit all applications.

Pallet Pads - We carry a large stock of pallet pads made from recycled chipboard sheet, designed to protect your products where necessary.  They can also be used as layer pads for certain products.

Browse through our range below, if you can't see what you want, call us to discuss your individual requirements

Display Ready Glued Box
Point of Sale Display
Corner Posts